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Welcome to Small Fandoms Noticeboard, the announcement community for everything related to small fandoms!

smallfandom_nb is the place for announcing any and all fanworks created in small fandoms (fanfic, graphics, vids, etc), new communities, challenges, etc. In general, the goal of this community is to be a centralized bulletin board to point small fandom fans in the direction of things that interest them.

(As a general rule, any fandom that has over 7,000 fanfic would not be considered small for purposes of this community.)

There are just a few rules to make sure things run smoothly:

1. All categories of fanworks (gen, het, slash, femslash, threesomes & moresomes, etc) are welcome here. Crossover announcements are fine so long as one of the fandoms is small.

2. You may announce multi-fandom challenge communities so long as they include small fandoms.

3. You must include the fandom (or multi-fandom designation) and the format (Fic, Graphics, Vid, Announcement, Pimp, etc) in the subject line.

4. Use a header where appropriate.

5. Do not post entire stories, vids or artwork here, just link to them.

6. Please use cut tags for long posts or large images. You may leave a thumbnail or resized image of no larger than 350 pixel width outside the cut.

7. Please be respectful when posting announcements, and please make sure that you are only linking to publicly-available material.

8. Please *do* announce your own work here, don't be shy, and please encourage other small fandom fans to do the same.

9. No flaming. If it’s not your thing, pass it by.

Your mod is spikedluv.
You may contact me at spikedluv @ livejournal.com if you have any questions.

Sister Communities: smallfandombang, smallfandomfest, smallfandomflsh and smallfandomrecs.

Affiliates: anewteam, asoiafbigbang, ateam_prompts, bigbang_mixup, bjt_bigbang, bloodsmokebooks, carter_dean, cbbc_slash, dollhouse100, found_treasure, leverage500, mythology_kink, pier56, pota_tv, prompt_party, spartacus2010, terror_scifi, sexy_right, tvqueenofswords, tvd_fic and writing_addicts.

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